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Need to Remove a Tree in Ipswich?

Eden Trees Professional arboriculture services has been providing safe and affordable tree maintenance in the ipswich region for over 20 years. All our climbing arborists are fully Qualified and the company has full public liability insurance, so this can really give you peace of mind knowing your tree services are being carried out by professsional contractors.

Eden Trees are also cert 5 consulting arborist qualified meaning we can provide Arborist Tree reports and inspections to support development applications, land clearing, diseased tree removal and any other reasons that a tree may need to be removed.

Tree removal ipswich QLD

Eden Trees Arborist removing tree branches

tree trunk removal

Removing the remains a large tree trunk near Ipswich

Great service! Response was great, Phil came down and gave a good quote and had his men come down a few days later and commenced a fairly hefty tree removal and trimming
process involving multiple trees. Work was done in a day and my yard was given a new lease of life. Very happy with their services.
7 months ago
Really great experience, Phil was knowledgeable from the beginning and gave us some tips regarding our garden bed as well. We even tried to get 2 other companies out for
quoting, one didn't show and one showed up but never gave us a quote, so quite unprofessional. Glad we went with Eden trees! When Micah and his team came out they were professional and very friendly, he also gave some further tips and how to be able to prune our mango tree ourselves from now on. Really appreciate the guidance from Phil & his team! If we ever need tree services in the future we know who to reach out to.
8 months ago
Absolutely fantastic service from the entire team. Very reasonable price for tree removal and stump grinding. All work was done in a very professional and safe manner. It
was amazing to watch the whole process. I would highly recommend the team at Eden Trees to anyone that is wanting a professional job done at at very reasonable price.
8 months ago
Dean was really nice and helpful when the guys arrived to do the job. The actually quoted amount to do the work was very reasonable and the whole process was very profes
sional. We highly recommend Eden Trees.
8 months ago
We had used them before and had no hesitation asking them to remove some large trees for us. Have recommeded them to friends, family and neighbours. Knowledgeable, profes
sional and friendly.
8 months ago



    What Tree Removal Services Do We Provide?

    Proper care of trees will make your garden look splendid, as well as provide a serene environment for your family. We are a local company in Ipswich offering professional tree services. We offer various services, among them

    Tree Removal

    At times, you may find that there is no option left than to remove a tree entirely from your home. It could be an old tree or a fallen tree than calls for urgent removal. Whatever the case, we are ever equal to the task for all tree removal related tasks. Professionalism and safety are the key pillars that guide our tree removal services.

    Stump Grinding

    After you have removed a tree, you will have to decide on what to do with the stump. Stump grinding might take a very long time, especially in hard to reach areas. However, if it was a small tree and the area can be easily accessed, an experienced operator can ground the stump in 30-60 minutes. A machine known as the stump grinding machine is used to stump grind. Our stump grinding services are offered by experienced and professional crews.

    Tree Pruning

    Trees will inevitably grow long branches and excess foliage; and this is where tree pruning comes in. tree pruning is recommended since it is kind to the environment (you don’t have to cut down the entire tree). For homeowners, it saves on costs and greatly improves the aesthetics of your property.

    Palm Tree Removal

    Palm trees have a unique look but they tend to grow tall very fast. Their excess foliage can be a nuisance. Removing a palm tree is far more complicated than it may seem. Why? Because unlike most native tree species, the trunk of a palm tree consists of spikes formed by fallen branches. As such, it’s always recommendable to get professionals any time you wish to remove a palm tree from your property.

    Wood Chip Mulch

    Tree pruning, tree removal and other tree services will generate a lot of tree waste. The tree waste may be used in different ways around your home, such as beautification of your garden. Tree mulch is sometimes in plenty, and at request, a tree service company can deliver wood chip mulch to your home.

    Arborist Report

    There are various reasons why you may need an arborist report. First, some local authorities may require an arborist report before assenting to any tree modification or tree removal. You may also need an arborist report especially if you are moving the trees or when dealing with protected tree species.

    Land Clearing

    Often, land clearing may be considered when you want to develop your property. Other times, storms and frequent flooding may necessitate land clearance. We offer fast and professional land clearing services, feel free to contact us for more details.

    Eden Tree Removal Ipswich

    We are a professional tree removal company in servicing Ipswich QLD.  Feel free to contact us with all your questions or queries. We’re passionate about what we do and our track record speaks for itself. What makes us standout as a tree lopping company is that we always keep our word, we respond to all your emergency calls with the urgency that they deserve.
    You’ll also be happy to hear that our prices are very fair and competitive. If you have any concern, query or a request, our contact line is always open for you.

    Contact us on 1300 EDEN TREES, and we will respond in the shortest time possible. We’re here to serve you and as such, you can reach us any day, any time

    Tree Removal In All Ipswich Suburbs

    Eden Trees are Ipswich Locals, and have been providing our tree services across the entire region for decades. Our tree loppers operate in all the Ipswich suburbs listed below: