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In Arboriculture, we study everything to do with vegetation management including identifying plant species, identifying and managing diseases, understanding what species will work best in certain environments as well as practical skills such as tree climbing and working at heights.

Part of maintaining healthy trees is having regular tree inspections and removing any disease or rot that may be leading to poor health or undermining the structural integrity of the tree. this is where Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning knowledge and know how to become an effective tool in an arborists toolbelt. Knowing when and how to prune trees effectively can help shape the way it grows as well as making it neater, stronger and more beautiful.

The team at Eden Trees Arboriculture Services have decades of experience with both Arboriculture and Horticulture, giving us a unique knowledge of vegetation which puts us in a position to not only offer the best tree pruning advice in Brisbane, but also carry out safe and professional tree trimming, inline with local vegetation management policies. We are available anytime for a chat about your upcoming tree management projects on 1300 EDEN TREES

Tree Pruning Brisbane Arborist
Eden Trees Arborist setting up ropes for Tree Pruning
Tree trimming with Pole saw
Arborist Tree trimming with Pole saw



What benefits will I get from using a certified tree trimming company?

  • Reduce the risks cause by weak overhanging branches
  • Improve the view from your home where tree pruning can be carried out inline with Australian standards 4373-2007
  • Clear obstructions from buildings, improve vehicle access and improve pedestrian safety through crown reduction or canopy raising
  • Clean up loose, broken dead or diseased branches to reduce risk below
  • Allow more light and air movement through thinning out the tree canopy
  • Assist the tree to grow in the most ideal direction for your property and its health through strategic tree pruning
  • Removing dead or diseased branch will help stop debris clogging your gutters


It can be difficult to write an article on tree pruning guidelines when just about every council around brisbane has their own specific vegetation management policies. Along with this many of the council websites are very vague on the requirements for tree trimming without permits and often suggest that your local council should be contacted for more information.

As a general guideline though, if you need to trim or prune trees that are protected by your local council you can remove up to 20% of the canopy without needing to apply for a permit to alter vegetation. If you follow the rule of the “DDD”, Dead, Dying or Diseased, these are generally good genuine reasons trimming and removing tree branches. All work carried out by Eden Trees Arboriculture Services is also inline Australian Standard AS4373-2007, which covers all the guidelines for pruning of amenity trees.


To get the desired results from tree pruning, all the work should be undertaken by certified arborists. Not only does the arborists experience put them in a position to reduce the physical risk but they also understand a trees anatomy in a way where they can carry out all tree trimming inline with the optimal health outlook for the tree.

The team at Eden Trees Arboriculture Services can give you great advice and carry out tree pruning anywhere across Brisbane. We use our in-depth knowledge and understanding of a trees anatomy to prune trees inline with any of these goals:

– Removing over extended or weak branches, thus reducing the risk to people or structures below
– Improving the aesthetic appeal of the tree
– Prolonging a trees lifespan by shaping and stengthening its structure
– Eliminating electrical hazards by providing clearance from powerlines
– Lowering the trees susceptability to storm damage

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