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Need a Tree Removed in the Scenic Rim?

Eden Trees are your go to tree removal company in south east Queensland, accommodating commercial & residential clients of Scenic Rim and its encompassed suburbs. We take pride in being able to supply all our tree services to provide a level of value, safety and customer service that is difficult for our competitiors to match and almost impossible to beat. We handle all your arboricultural needs including tree pruning, tree lopping, stump grinding, wood chip mulch, land clearing, arborist reports, domestic and commercial tree cutting.

Furthermore, we are available on call 24×7 for emergency tree work resulting from weather events such as storms or accidents. Professional tree cutting services can be complicated tasks that requires proper planning, and Eden Trees has you covered whenever the need arises.

Tree Removal Scenic Rim QLD

Blocking down a large gum tree in the Scenic Rim QLD. Cost effective when its possible to do so

Tree sections being carried away

What comes down must be removed, and very often the only way is through hard yakka!

Eden Trees Scenic Rim Queensland

Tree Removal Services in Scenic Rim

Eden Trees is the leading provider of efficient and reliable tree removal services in Scenic Rim and surrounding suburbs. Thanks to our professional team of arborists that do what it takes to handle even the most complicated jobs, our family owned business has been the top performer in the industry for the past 20 years.

Whether it’s a complicated stump grinding or simple trimming, our specialists are always ready to help out. We offer fast and timely solutions while letting our workmanship speak for itself.

Do you have…

Persistent branches trespassing through other properties causing annoyance to nearby residents? Let us trim your trees and stop any discomfort it may be causing to your neighbors.

Overgrown greenery that impedes the view of your balcony windows because of their numbers? Clear up the area using our tree lopping options and finally take care of any blockage.

Ornamental shrubs and hedges that seem unkempt and rowdy in your garden? Uphold their wholesome look by using our pruning service to preserve their well managed and tidy features.

Fungal infection or infestation affecting the health of your trees? Let our arborists conduct an inspection to give you advice on their proper care and evaluate the best method for their care.

An obstructed backyard full of fallen trees? Turn giant logs and large chunks into entirely grated wood chips for use on your next barbie, campfire activity or even making your own mulch.made possible by our expertise and up to date machinery.

Tree stumps transforming into an eye sore as they protrude on your lawn? They can harbor bees, wasps or become nests for feral cats and other scavengers can be a potential hazard to your home, not to mention give your property an ugly appearance. The best way to address these remnants once and for all and keep hazardous elements from taking residence inside is to grind it permanently through our stump removal option.

From pruning delicate branches to the challenging process of grinding stubborn tree stumps, Eden Trees is ready for any challenge. Feel free to contact us any day, including weekends or public holidays and we’ll answer any questions you have about our services. Call us today and see the level of excellence we give first hand!

Great service! Response was great, Phil came down and gave a good quote and had his men come down a few days later and commenced a fairly hefty tree removal and trimming
process involving multiple trees. Work was done in a day and my yard was given a new lease of life. Very happy with their services.
7 months ago
Really great experience, Phil was knowledgeable from the beginning and gave us some tips regarding our garden bed as well. We even tried to get 2 other companies out for
quoting, one didn't show and one showed up but never gave us a quote, so quite unprofessional. Glad we went with Eden trees! When Micah and his team came out they were professional and very friendly, he also gave some further tips and how to be able to prune our mango tree ourselves from now on. Really appreciate the guidance from Phil & his team! If we ever need tree services in the future we know who to reach out to.
8 months ago
Absolutely fantastic service from the entire team. Very reasonable price for tree removal and stump grinding. All work was done in a very professional and safe manner. It
was amazing to watch the whole process. I would highly recommend the team at Eden Trees to anyone that is wanting a professional job done at at very reasonable price.
8 months ago
Dean was really nice and helpful when the guys arrived to do the job. The actually quoted amount to do the work was very reasonable and the whole process was very profes
sional. We highly recommend Eden Trees.
8 months ago
We had used them before and had no hesitation asking them to remove some large trees for us. Have recommeded them to friends, family and neighbours. Knowledgeable, profes
sional and friendly.
8 months ago
Very professional team came out and cut down the trees and stump grinding. Took really good care of the other areas of the yard and did a great job cleaning up after. Wou
ld recommend to anyone looking for tree services.
9 months ago
Eden's team were good cooperative skilled workers and easy communicators. Not rough-necks. I am happy that I chose them for the big tree job. Provided a professional w
ritten quote. Gave no big 'sales story' about how hard the job would be. Kept to arranged times. I felt happy that GST was honestly quoted and paid. Eden's quote was lower than two others and higher than one other. I would use Eden again.
11 months ago
Best Arborists in Brisbane. Have used many as these guts are hands down the most professional. I could barely tell they had been as the place was left immaculate. Great w
ork. Thanks
12 months ago
Eden Trees were awesome. They were the only company out of 3 or 4 that came out on site to quote and their quotes were less expensive than the others (who wouldn't even
come out on site). The guys arrived on time, worked quickly, and were very friendly and personable. I would definitely use them again and probably will in the future! Thanks so much
1 year ago