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Aged Forest Mulch

Bush Mulch Delivery Brisbane Wide

Cost:  $300 per 10m3 load in Logan

Delivery: There are a small amount of extra delivery costs outside the logan area. Please call the office on (07) 5547 0934 to discuss.

What is Aged Forest Mulch?

In most cases, the waste branches, leaves and trunks from a tree removal job are broken down into wood chips for the most efficient transport and disposal. In this form, these wood chips are not ideal for garden use and can potentially have a short-term negative effect on the health of your vegetation. Our forest mulch is stored and aged for a minimum of 6 months to ensure adequate decomposition of the material, which creates the right balance of nutrients to make your garden flourish.

Aged Forest Mulch Brisbane

Premium Quality Aged Forest Mulch

Characteristics of our Aged Bush Mulch

Benefits Description
Good Size Variation Due to the type of wood chipper we use we get a good size chips with enough variation in the size of the chips to give an optimial appearance and water penetration.
No Palm Mulch We dont mulch palm trees in with our forest mulch as it makes the mix stringyer and less attractive. It also does not last as long as Australian hardwoods.
Weed Suppression Covering your garden with mulch helps to block weeds ability to grow.
Moisture Retention blanketing your garden with suitable bush mulch provides a barrier to the suns ability to evaporate moisture from the gardens soil
Looks Great Aged mulch is one of the most aesthetically pleasing mulches that can be used on a garden
Microbiology In a nutshell, mulching your garden with aged forest mulch is the best thing you can do to promote growth as it creates a fungal-dominated soil environment that benefits the trees much more than the bacterial environment created by grass and weeds.

Most of the volume of our aged forest mulch is made of Australian hardwoods such as Eucalyptus, which looks good and gives the longest life of any locally available mulch, and is mostly free of any weed seeds.

The variable chip sizes that result from the type of wood chipper we use, provide an optimal situation where rainwater can penetrate the top lay effectively while at the same time minimize evaporation caused by the sun.

Getting a load of mulch from us is quick and simple, just call the office on (07) 5547 0934 to discuss.