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How To Prepare for Tree Work

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So you are happy with your quote and have arranged a time for our tree crews to attend your property. The checklist below outlines everything you need to prepare on your end to make sure the crews have access and can perform the work on the day.


  • 3 regular parking spaces in front of the property for truck & chipper.
  • Trees to be worked on need to be free of cars beneath them.
  • For backyard work the driveway needs to be clear of cars.
  • Ensuring adequate parking is the responsibility of the client unless otherwise stated in your quote.

2. Neighbours

It is always courteous to inform neighbours when you are having tree work carried out as it can be noisy and potentially dusty. Access to neighbours properties is sometimes necessary to pick up a branch or two or simply rake up a few leaves that may have fallen over.

3. Personal Property

Please remove any personal property to prevent potential damage including:

  • Pots, outdoor furniture etc.
  • Washing off the line
  • Windows closed
  • If you’re unable to move an object, please ask our team, as they may be able to help.

4. Dog Poo

The crew will be running ropes & rigging gear on the ground. Contamination can cause delays and in extreme cases cancellation. One or two missed piles is okay, however it is your responsibility to clean it up. Your yard must be free of dog poo.

5. Tools

As we use power tools, both petrol and battery we do not require access to your electricity.



  • You will receive a SMS with the crews ETA
  • Scheduled times later in the day could mean the crew can arrive up to 2 hours before or after the appointed time.
  • For updates please do not hesitate to call the office.
  • Your job will be scheduled from our office team. Where you will be given an estimated time the crew will arrive.

Timing of Services

Not all of our tree services are always done by the same crew. Tree removals crews and stump grinding crews are seperate. Our friendly office staff will notify you on the timing of these services.

Being At Home

It is not necessary for you to be home when your tree work is being done. But if you have very specific ideas about how far a certain tree should be trimmed etc, then it is better if you are home in these cases

Debris Removal

Once we have completed our tree work, we take away all debris from the site such as (logs, branches, mulch) unless quoted otherwise.


We can cut up the useful logs from your tree for firewood. Please let the estimator know at the start and we can cost that in

Stump Grinding

  • If you require the stump to be removed you should let the estimator know so it can be factored into your quote
  • Stump grinding leaves behind a mound of wood shavings mixed with dirt. Which the crew will rake back into the hole. If you are having a large stump removed it can be a large mound.
  • The grindings make great mulch in your garden beds and around trees.
  • If needed we can remove those grindings for you for an additional fee.

Completed Work

Once the quoted work has been completed to your satisfaction we would love to hear your feedback. We are constantly striving to improve our service and customer experience

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