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Tree Removal Calculator

What is the purpose of our Tree Removal Calculator?

There are 2 reasons we have implemented the tree removal calculator on our web page.

Firstly, we understand that many of you who have only just learned you may need to remove a significant size tree on your property, have no idea what kind of prices you may be looking at and just want a general indication of what it may cost. This tool is perfect for this situation and is as accurate as we can make it without being too complex.

Secondly, we understand that many people will be sceptical on the prices in a tree removal quote, either because they have been ripped of by contractors in the past or they did not expect the figure that was quoted. By using this calculator we expect you will find consistency between what we estimate on this tool when compared with the confirmatory quote we will give you when attending the site. By doing so, we hope to build trust with our clients and put our commitment on fair, consistent and great value prices on show for everybody to see.

Before using the calculator

Please understand that there are many variables that go into providing a definitive tree removal quote, and most of the time it will involve an experienced arborist attending the site for assessment. 9 times out of 10 we will need to attend the site before agreeing to a final price. We have made it easy for you to forward the results of this calculator directly to us, by entering your details on the results page. 

Also please keep in mind that you will only get out what you put in. If you use in-accurate measurements, expect an inaccurate answer.