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Eden Trees are your local, great value, fully qualified & insured tree removal company

South-east Queenslands beautiful sub tropical climate is ideal for growing Palm trees . You will often find them in gardens and around pools to create that tropical look and feel. Each species of palm tree has its own advantages and disadvantages, and often times owners of palms will lose their fondness of the species after realising it is messy and hard to maintain how they would like it. For messier species such as cocos palms the owners may find themselves opting for a palm tree removal service rather than maintain the effort required for upkeep.

Eden Trees are an established, family run tree removal company based in Logan. Our team provide palm tree removal and cleaning across the whole southern Brisbane region as well as the Gold Coast. We are pleased to provide both a friendly customer service based approach along with great value pricing and we believe this has been key to our long standing success in the tree removal industry.


In many cases, the easiest, most cost effective and time effective way for an arborist to remove a palm tree is to use his roping skills and scale the tree using ropes, harnesses and tree climbing spikes. The worker can then make his way up the tree with a handsaw removing any fronds on the way up with his handsaw. When the arborist has reached the top of the palm a chainsaw is used to block down sections of the tree trunk that can be easily manhandled. The blocks are then thrown to the ground where they can be removed by the ground crew.

Throwing the palm tree pieces to the ground works fine for areas where there is no structures or vegetation below that can be damaged by the heavy falling palm trunks. If there is a concern for damage, the tree trunks can be lowered to the ground using ropes and pulleys with the assistance of the ground crew.


One of the main frustrations with palm trees is the fronds can be quite messy, either hanging off the tree dead or having fallen to the ground. Eden Trees Arborists are experts in maintaining and cleaning palm tree fronds and are careful to leave the best appearance from any palm tree pruning and trimming we do. We focus on neat cutting and are very mindful not to damage the tree with our climbing spikes when we ascend the tree.

palm tree trimming
Using the pole saw to trim palm fronds
palm tree removal
Blocking down a palm with ropes for easy removal

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