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Need a Tree Removed in Cedar Creek?

As the leading authority in all things trees, our company has inspected, pruned, trimmed, cut and mulched countless trees all around Cedar Creek. We observe quality standards in the name of excellence which made our company synonymous to tree removal in South East Brisbane. Our manager holds a Level 5 license serving as head consultant and climbing arborists with Level 3 Certification.

With our updated equipment and licensed team of experts, we can handle jobs of all sizes from simple pruning tasks to delicate tree removal operations. Our speed and efficiency coupled with quotes that are hard to beat make us the best choice for all your tree needs. Give us a call now to see how fast we can solve yours!

Eden Trees Cedar Creek

Removal of trees in Cedar Creek

Tree blocked by arborist

Arborist blocking a tree

Tree Removal Services In Cedar Creek

Just like how we make sure every member of our household is safe, keeping trees well maintained on any property is important for a lot of homeowners. We are a premier tree service company in Cedar Creek that helps you balance both. From tree pruning, removals, hedging, mulching, writing reports and more, our tree services lets you ensure the welfare of your trees and the people around you.

Why hire us?

Quick Response. We know that incidents arrive when least expected so having a local Logan tree company ready at a moment’s notice is vital. Our customer care officers are always waiting to take your call and prepared to answer emails within 24 hours.

Cost Efficiency. Clients are informed about the entire cost of the project beforehand because we quote prices upfront. This allows them to make an informed choice on what service to choose and removes any worry of additional fees along the way. We handle jobs efficiently and only perform with methods of the highest standard to ensure our clients get the best value for their money.

Peace of Mind. We value everyone’s safety. Our team members operate with this in mind and have been trained to observe safety protocols throughout the entire process. They wear proper protective gear from start to finish and only use updated equipment when performing any task. Our company is fully covered by insurance so our clients are assured that we have coverage for any unexpected events.

Care for the Environment. Just as trees are part of nature, we uphold the value of caring for our surroundings by making sure that nothing goes to waste when tidying up our work area free of debris like twigs, leaves and branches. We do our part in helping to protect our surrounding by collecting these remains to make mulch for usage on newly planted trees and flowers.

We offer:

Tree crown reduction. If your tree suffers from diseased branches caused by pest or infestation, it’s best to prune them down to prevent the condition from spreading. It also allows your trees to remain a certain size which gives the appearance of uniformity. Our team is knowledgeable on the best crown reduction methods that do not interfere with tree growth and can conduct crown thinning and lifting procedures to allow more wind to pass through them.

Deadwood Elimination. Deadwood on a plant is a sign of poor health and generally gives your yard a less appealing look. Our arborists can contain the deadwood through tree trimming which will help your trees thrive and retain a disease free garden.

Tree removal. Tree removal can be hard to accomplish when surrounded by adjacent
structures so only a professional should attempt to do so. Our team is composed of licensed arborists that can do the job and have done so for a span of 20 years all around South East Brisbane.

Tree inspection. Have you finished setting up a garden but not sure about its health? Do you want to start a tree project in your yard but don’t know where to start?. Our accomplished arborists and tree surgeons can inspect your land, give you a report and provide expert advice on where and how to begin.

From simple pruning to complicated tree removal, Eden Trees can handle any size job with our updated equipment and team of seasoned professionals. You know you’re choosing the best when you choose Eden Trees.