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Need a Tree Removal Service in Carbrook?

At Eden Trees our certified team of arborist and up to date equipment allow us to handle any size job you may have at a moments notice. Delivering quality tree solutions throughout Carbrook at the most competitive price has made us the leading source of all tree related service in South East Brisbane for over 20 years.

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Keeping balance while cutting a tree branch

Brush chipper being loaded with branches

Palm tree branches beingloaded into the brush chipper

Tree Removal Services in Carbrook

Oz has always been known for its great ecosystem and amazing scenery but with continuous development, taking down old trees is necessary for people to make maximum use of the available land. Easily said than done, cutting trees is not a simple task because not all of them can be removed at once especially when protected by environmental laws. Proper maintenance is also needed to allow them to live for many years since they’re an important part of nature.

Balancing these factors may be difficult for regular people to deal with on top of the different challenges we face in our everyday life that’s why Eden Trees is here to help. We’ve been providing tree care options in South East Brisbane for over 20 years and is the leading care maintenance provider for trees in Carbrook.

Use us for…

Stump Grinding. Developing your land can be interrupted when there are stumps remaining on the area because they take up the space needed for building essential structures. We have the latest equipment to take care of these remnants and leave your work area tidy and ready for development.

Pruning. A tree that’s well trimmed appears well maintained and is ideal for a picturesque view. This is also necessary to preserve their health as pest infected limbs can be removed to help trees live longer. Our arborists have a good eye for pruning so sick trees can have a chance to flourish.

Tree Trimming. While trimming involves cutting limbs and ends for a desirable appearance, trimming requires cutting off certain areas of the tree to make sure only the strongest parts remain. Aside from giving your trees a more pleasing appearance this will also promote their long life free of sickness as well as other people’s safety by reducing the chances of weak branches falling unexpectedly.

Mulching. Any severed parts of trees may it be branches, leaves or the remaining stump can be finely ground into wood chips. These can then be used to create mulch which is a natural solution to keep a well maintained and robust greenery. Mulch can also help soil retain moisture during the dry summer season. This process is especially beneficial to the environment because organic materials are used and recycled which prevents any wastage.

Arborist reports. During times of disputes, our team of highly certified arborist can make reports evaluating the condition of your tree. This helps you make the best possible choice, save money and most importantly stay within legal boundaries which can potentially lead to a lot of inconveniences when overlooked.

Our workers are polite, tidy, wear proper protective gear and follow a strict protocol to ensure everyone’s safety. All of our team members work with integrity so that all jobs get done even in your absence. Handling trees is our passion so give us a call now and see how good we can take care of yours.

Great service! Response was great, Phil came down and gave a good quote and had his men come down a few days later and commenced a fairly hefty tree removal and trimming
process involving multiple trees. Work was done in a day and my yard was given a new lease of life. Very happy with their services.
8 months ago
Really great experience, Phil was knowledgeable from the beginning and gave us some tips regarding our garden bed as well. We even tried to get 2 other companies out for
quoting, one didn't show and one showed up but never gave us a quote, so quite unprofessional. Glad we went with Eden trees! When Micah and his team came out they were professional and very friendly, he also gave some further tips and how to be able to prune our mango tree ourselves from now on. Really appreciate the guidance from Phil & his team! If we ever need tree services in the future we know who to reach out to.
8 months ago
Absolutely fantastic service from the entire team. Very reasonable price for tree removal and stump grinding. All work was done in a very professional and safe manner. It
was amazing to watch the whole process. I would highly recommend the team at Eden Trees to anyone that is wanting a professional job done at at very reasonable price.
8 months ago
Dean was really nice and helpful when the guys arrived to do the job. The actually quoted amount to do the work was very reasonable and the whole process was very profes
sional. We highly recommend Eden Trees.
8 months ago
We had used them before and had no hesitation asking them to remove some large trees for us. Have recommeded them to friends, family and neighbours. Knowledgeable, profes
sional and friendly.
9 months ago
Very professional team came out and cut down the trees and stump grinding. Took really good care of the other areas of the yard and did a great job cleaning up after. Wou
ld recommend to anyone looking for tree services.
9 months ago
Eden's team were good cooperative skilled workers and easy communicators. Not rough-necks. I am happy that I chose them for the big tree job. Provided a professional w
ritten quote. Gave no big 'sales story' about how hard the job would be. Kept to arranged times. I felt happy that GST was honestly quoted and paid. Eden's quote was lower than two others and higher than one other. I would use Eden again.
12 months ago
Best Arborists in Brisbane. Have used many as these guts are hands down the most professional. I could barely tell they had been as the place was left immaculate. Great w
ork. Thanks
12 months ago
Eden Trees were awesome. They were the only company out of 3 or 4 that came out on site to quote and their quotes were less expensive than the others (who wouldn't even
come out on site). The guys arrived on time, worked quickly, and were very friendly and personable. I would definitely use them again and probably will in the future! Thanks so much
1 year ago