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Need A Tree Removal Service in Allenview?

Here at Eden Trees, our expert team of arborists and the latest equipment allow us to handle jobs of all sizes. Delivering quality tree removal services throughout Logan & South East Brisbane at the best price makes us ahead of all tree removal companies in the region for the past 20 years.

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Tree Removal Services in Allenview

Eden Trees has been operating at the heart of Allenview for the past 20 years so if you have tree related issues that need fixing, then we are the solution you’re looking for. Some of our options include pruning, trimming, mulching, writing reports, tree removal and overall management. Our team of licensed arborist can inspect trees and provide expert advice on the best way to handle them too.

Why Pick Us?

Safety – Removing trees can be complicated especially when they are situated in residential areas or places that are inaccessible to people which is why it should only be done by certified professionals. Our workers wear proper protective gear and follow strict protocols throughout the job. All the necessary steps to ensure our work area is free of danger or from any possibility of injury are observed by our licensed members.

Experience – Anyone would want to hire someone who knows exactly what they’re doing and Eden Trees has been servicing the trees of Allenview for decades. This assures our clients that we have the expertise to handle any tree situation from pruning ornamental plants all the way to clearing giant palm trees from a residential lot.

Easy to contact – Having a tree company ready at a moment’s notice is vital because we know that incidents happen when least expected. Our customer care officers are always waiting to take your call and prepared to answer emails within 24 hours.

We offer:

After storm clearing – Allenview experiences storms from time to time that leave a trail of debris in its wake. We can clear any fallen trees and branches to clean up your area as well as help design your landscape for storm resistance.

Consultancy services – Are you worried about the state of your yard or just looking for
information on how to take care of your trees? Contact our team of qualified arborists and tree
surgeons to get expert advice on proper tree maintenance so your yard or garden can thrive.

Tree trimming and tree pruning – Reach out to us if you need to do away with overgrown,
diseased or dead parts of your trees and leave them looking neat and healthy. Our experienced team is knowledgeable about tree pruning or trimming without affecting the overall growth or your greenery.

Firewood or mulch – We can produce sizable logs from fallen trees which can then be used for your next barbie or campfire. Twigs and branches can also be ground into fine wood chips that can be made into fresh mulch which can be used in your garden. Reusing these debris helps prevent wastage, protects the environment through recycling and saves you money by using materials that are already available to you.

Taking care of trees, preserving our surroundings and maintaining your security are the cornerstones of our company’s growth which allowed us to be the best tree service provider in Logan & South East Brisbane for the past 20 years. With Eden Trees, we give nothing less than our best.

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