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Need A Tree Removed In Heritage Park?

With different tree types serenading your home or business, you get to enjoy a host of ecological and aesthetic benefits. Conversely, you become susceptible to numerous risks that are not limited to tree accidents, diseases, allergies, bird noises and general landscaping challenges. Eden Trees offers professional tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, and tree trimming among other related services in Edens Landing.

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tree branch removal using roping techniques
tree branch removal using roping techniques
tree removal with cherry picker in heritage park QLD
Tree Removal using an EWP / cherry picker in Heritage Park QLD


Why do you need professional tree removal services?

When trees become old, damaged and diseased and they can be too far gone to revive. By getting rid of such trees, you’re able to improve the appearance of your property. Tree removal helps make room for your plans and projects; perhaps you want to construct a pool or any other structure. Removing trees occupying such spaces is the first step. Extreme weather and wild storms often bring trees down, and having tall, old trees around or near your property can pose an inherent danger to lives and property. By removing such trees well on time, you can help avert a disaster.

As a local tree lopping company, we’re best placed to handle all your tree removal needs in and around Heritage Park. Why? Because we can show up at a moment’s notice, plus our rates are pocket-friendly.

It’s worth mentioning that not all trees call for outright felling or removal. In some cases, a simple branch cutting or pruning can get the job done! Thus, feel free to call us for a free no-obligation inspection. The inspection enables us to advise you on the best way forward. Why not, you could even send us a photo of the trees giving you sleepless nights; we’ll advise you accordingly.

Here’s what makes us stand out from other Tree Service providers:

 ✔ We have a team of professionals who know how to execute all tree services with clockwork precision.
✔  We offer tree inspections at no cost. It’s always our pleasure to visit you and discuss the best course of action
✔  Our services are efficient and affordable
✔  We offer same-day and emergency tree services 24/7


Tree pruning– Pruning entails the cutting away of weak and dead branches. This leaves the tree healthy and strong. Overly, this helps enhance the beauty and aesthetic value of your home.

Stump grinding – the stump could be a few feet high, or even waist high. Whatever the case, tree stumps are both an eyesore and an inconvenience. Our stump grinding services enable you to get rid of that stump with ease and efficiency. We have the necessary equipment to uproot such stumps from the base and then chop them down into small manageable sizes. The good thing about uprooting the stump is that you can fill up the hole with soil to conceal all traces. Alternatively, you can even plant another tree or plant in the same hole.

Tree trimming – while tree pruning gets rid of dead, sick or unneeded stems and branches, trimming is a different case all the same. Tree trimming involves cutting away only the tips and edges to create a more desirable appearance. It gives a neater and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Tree mulching – When a tree is felled, the logs are often cut into smaller pieces of timber and firewood. However, green waste and sawdust are best used in making wood chips. These chips can be used as mulch for your garden during hot, summer days.

Get in touch for a free no-obligation quote on the phone; feel free to contact us for all your tree removal needs in Heritage Park. We guarantee you total satisfaction, pocket-friendly rates, and solid courtesy in the line of duty.

Give us a call today on 1300 EDEN TREES for all your tree lopping needs in Logan, and all the surrounding areas. We are the real tree removal pros; you can never go wrong with us.

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