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Eden Stump Grinding

Reasons for wanting to be rid of a stump

  • Unsightly – many stumps leave your yard looking untidy and like a job was left unfinished.
  • Dangerous – stumps left in your yard or gardens can be unsafe for your family and guests and are particularly dangerous when children are playing.
  • A Home for White Ants (Termites) – White Ants love making their home in dead stumps. Attracting them to your yard is never a good idea and can literally cost you your home.
  • Interfering – old stumps can take up valuable space in your garden and are often sitting right where you want to establish a new plant or tree.
  • Damaging – old stumps or exposed roots regularly damage mowers, cars and other equipment.
  • A Liability – any of the above can cost you time, money and energy when you least expect it.

Our Mission

It is our mission to help you restore Paradise to your garden by:

  1. ensuring a safe job site – including checking for underground utilities like water, power and phone lines.
  2. providing a professional experience – including prompt service, great communication and well presented staff.
  3. delivering a quality solution – including state of the art equipment, well trained staff and a tidy finish.

Our Equipment

Eden Stump Grinding is constantly assessing the most effective machinery to provide the best quality service. Our range of stump grinders allows us to get into some of the most difficult spots and grind both small and large stumps. Our machines range from smaller walk-behind grinders to larger 4WD, fully hydraulic grinders.

Our Staff

The owners of Eden Stump Grinding (Paul, Phil and Brittney) are passionate about building a company that serves it’s customers well and provides a place of meaningful and enjoyable employment for it’s staff.

Our staff work hard to make your interactions with Eden a positive experience. Our desire is to partner with you in your objective and to do everything we can to assist you.

Restoring Paradise In Your Back Yard

At the core of Eden Stump Grinding is the belief that God created this beautiful planet and commissioned humanity as stewards of it. Your opportunity to steward the patch He has given you is a glorious privilege and one which reflects the creativity, gifts and abilities He placed in you. We’d love to join with you in restoring Paradise to your garden.

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