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Phil from Eden Trees has been cleaning our palms at our property for a number of years now Unfortunately we have been left with Palms that have large gouge marks in their structure from where they accessed the palms to clean them We recently asked Phil to provide a quote to come back & clean the palms annually again in 2020 He was really unresponsive to begin with, he had said that he was very busy & so we waited for him to come to site to inspect which he did after a 3 week wait We did not receive a quote all from him all, it was only when we sent him a reminder e-mail that we received a short text message stating that he could not do them again I had to ring him a number of times & in the end resorted to a text message asking him to call me which he duly did When he finally rang he said he had decided that he is unable to clean the palms any further due to safety concerns, that's great that he is concerned over the safety of his workers & we understand that safety is an issue but now we are left with unsightly holes in our palms as well as protruding stumps from where he had removed trees but not taken out the stumps, in essence he did 80% of the job that we paid him for last time please see the photographs below Eden Trees work in a service industry as do I & I would have thought that there is a duty of care with workmanship as well as expertise advice that should be offered with his service & not just its too hard ??? His motto & culture (purpose) reflects badly on his brand name as he is happy to take your money at good prices whilst the job is easy but buyer beware as he he will walk away without any advice or consultation when it becomes a tad difficult or when he is too busy to tackle anything that's a bit challenging 6 days ago
Best Arborists in Brisbane. Have used many as these guts are hands down the most professional. I could barely tell they had been as the place was left immaculate. Great work. Thanks 6 days ago
Eden Trees were awesome. They were the only company out of 3 or 4 that came out on site to quote and their quotes were less expensive than the others (who wouldn't even come out on site). The guys arrived on time, worked quickly, and were very friendly and personable. I would definitely use them again and probably will in the future! Thanks so much 1 month ago
Professional service and a quality job. Very happy with the result. I'll be using them again. 2 months ago
Congratulations to Phil and the team for a job well done. It was a huge tree on a difficult site and the whole exercise was conducted in a thoroughly professional manner and at a competitive price. I was given a thank you note for choosing them and an unexpected gift of delicious brownies. Don't go anywhere else for your tree services. Choose Eden Trees every time. 2 months ago
Excellent service. Arrived on time. The staff that came to my property were excellent and worked really hard to remove two very large trees on my fence line. They took a lot of care to ensure that there was no damage to the fence or the neighbours property. Would definitely recommend Eden Trees. Five out five stars. 2 months ago
I had a gigantic tree threatening my house and garden. I got several quotes. Eden was half the price of the most expensive quote. The quote was done very promptly and courteously. The removal itself was done by a highly competent and polite team. I could not be more pleased with the whole process. I unhesitantly fully recommend Eden. 3 months ago
Highly recommend Eden Trees. Great communication and friendly service. Delivered top quality forest mulch. 3 months ago
We used Eden trees today to remove a 45 foot tree leaning too far into the street and seven other trees. In addition all trees removed including the large one had their stumps ground down. The Eden teams pricing was very good and the team themselves were on time, professional, and did an excellent job cleaning up and all without damaging my Neighbours large beloved Frangipani tree which had grown into our large tree. I could not recommend Eden trees more highly. 6 months ago

Our goal is to provide tree inspections that give you great advice about your trees!

People contact us needing an arborist report for a bunch of different reasons. More often than not, clients are needing to have a tree removed for development applications, or the tree has a disease that attacks its structural integrity. Tree Inspection Reports will give you all the information you need to understand the health status of your tree and submit formal documentation to your local council.

Cert 5 Consulting Arborist Philip Hackett has been actively studying and working in various roles in the Arboriculture industry since 2012. Having worked as an Arborist for Brisbane City Council he is also an active qualified member of Queensland Arboriculture Association, of which he regularly attends training workshops and refresher courses.


Here are Some Reasons why you May Need a Professional Arborist Report


Aboricultural Impact Report
When applying to removes trees for a development your local council will require a report showing the impact it will have on local wildlife

Database for Investors
Through annual tree inspection programs you can ensure investors are kept up to date with business risk relating to trees

Update Mortguage or Insurance Polices
Some homeowners or business owners may need to assess what risk surrounding trees may have to their properties and infrastructure. The information from a tree inspection can then be used to adjust and update policies as required.

Tree Preservation Order
This may be issued by your local council as the tree is considered to contribute the health and well being of all council residents. Some people may wish to have this order overturned if the tree becomes to large or dangerous.

What Will My Tree Report Identify?

  • Written and Photographic evidence of all anomolies that effect the strucural integrity of the tree
  • Any health problems such as disease or pests
  • The type and species of the tree
  • Documented evidence and any conclusions drawn from the same
  • Arborist recommendations for keeping or removing the tree

Types of Tree reports we can Assist you With

  • Tree Condition Report
  • Tree Risk Assessment
  • Arboricultural Management Report
  • Pre-Purchase Report
  • Tree Valuation Report
  • Tree Health Care
  • Onsite Consultancy / Advice
  • Tree Protection Plans


Here Are Our Current Arboriculture Qualifications:

  • AQF Level 5 Arborist
  • AQF Level 4 Trade Qualified Arborist
  • ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification
  • 3 years experience as a Municipal Arborist
  • 5 years experience as a Consulting Arborist
  • Overhead electrical Awareness


Contact us today for all you tree service requirements. We will be happy to conduct a free on-site inspection within 48 hours. Our obligation-free quotes include valuable tree advice, risk assessment and clearly marked photographs outlining the scope of work.