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What is an Arborist?

An Arborist might be referred to by a number of different names including Tree Surgeon, Tree Lopper or Arboriculturist. In general terms the role of an Arborist  is to manage the health of trees that surround infrastructure or can potentially pose risk to people or property. The certified Arborist (wikipedia)would be well studied in arboriculture and horticulture, being able to identify plant, trees, vines, shrubs and other woody plant species by their scientific names while at the same time being able to identify poor health and tree diseases that may effect them.

In today’s modern world there is always a political drive to manage the environment in harmony with the development of large scale cities and other man made structures. This means vegetation and man co-exist throughout the world giving need and employment to arborists in every local government area of the same.

Tree Climbing Arborist

This type of work is the most physical kind in the tree industry, while at the same time carrying a significant amount of risk for inexperienced operators. A climbing arborist would usually ascent the tree using his climbing ability and ropes to help him safely navigate around a tree. Once in position he can then go about either removing dead or diseased branches or remove the tree completely piece by piece. Much of the work requires a high level of physical fitness and strength, with the worker required to carry and operate a chainsaw while at the same time lifting and moving heavy pieces of tree trunks and branches.

Within the tree company, the climbing arborist would usually be the most highly paid worker onsite, given the extra workload, responsibility, skill set and inherit risk. A properly qualified climber would usually hold a certificate 3 in arboriculture. He would normally be assisted by a ground crew that can help him manage the ropes, lower tree branches safely and run waste through a wood chipper ready to be carried off for disposal.

Certificate Level 5 Consulting Arborist

The responsibilities of the cert 5 arborist differ from that of a tree climber, whereby the work is much less physical and more academically based. This qualification involves extra study around being able to identify botanical species and understand them. He would then take this information and create formal arborist reports which would be submitted in development applications or provide a plant health check-up when somebody applies to remove a tree from their property.

Arborist in Brisbane

Eden Trees have a long and successful history with the tree services industry and can actually provide all levels of arborist services. Our leader Phil Hackett has worked in Brisbane council as a cert 5 consulting arborist for an extended period of time before building the Eden Trees platform that we see today. From arborist reports to tree removal services of any scale or nature, our team have the tools, equipment, experience, qualification and full public liability insurances to bring and safe quality service to our clients anywhere between Gold Coast and Brisbane.

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